About Me

About me

Hello, I am Pedro!

I am from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, but I am currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science in Tsukuba, Japan.

At present, I am devoting myself to study subjects that sparked my interest, namely japanese and Deep Learning.

Oh, and of course, I also keep this website, writing a somethings whenever possible.

About the website

This site is a tool to organize subjects I wish to ponder and a reason for writing more frequently as well. In a nutshell, it’s just a blog.

It is true that some posts could be taken as more professional albeit others are seen as personal.

Anyway, I hope you like what you find here 😁.

For you

That’s right! This is for you, esteemed reader. As you may well have noticed, this website does not have (for now) a commenting section. However, if you’ve come this far, worry no more!

I can see that you’re a kindred soul and wish to help me with critics, suggestions, corrections, translations, ideas, designs, donations, blessings, peace messages, love letters, party invites, travel proposals, lottery tickets, marvelous ballads, youth spells, gifts and/or doubts. To this end, the fastest and safest way is sending a carrier pigeon (we accept 🐦, 🦆, 🦜, 🦉, 🕊️ and 🦅), but in the event you are unable to fetch one, it is always possible to send me an e-mail.

So far, these are the only ways to reach me, but soon more pigeons will be available 😉.