Late is better than never!

This is probably going to be harder that I had initially considered. I was even writing a new post last friday, after the initial one, but some “engineering” questions had to be dealt with and this took me about three days to solve. Worst of all: they weren’t even essential!

The thing is that for most posts I intend to do, plain writing is not enough. If I want people to understand and to be excited with my explanations, it’s gotta be more than just text. However, I found out two problems in my approach.

  1. It is very easy to lose yourself and start “overengineering” the solution. It lacked planning and focus. If I had written all the post beforehand and then, during the editing phase, made the components, they would’ve become simpler. I need to fixate in my mind that everything in the post that is not written has to help the understanding of what is written! This also means that I have to look for that specific moment when dedicating more time and effort is not helping the educational purpose.
  2. Mixing writing with programming are not feasible. Yesterday I worked on the technical part of the website for hours, but then, tried to dedicate the remaining “working hours” to writing this post, but it felt as if my mind was elsewhere.

This isn’t a post about productivity, but the matter at hand is accomplishment, real accomplishment. I could have dedicated my entire work week to something that you, reader, probably wouldn’t even care.

The punch line is: I need to find balance between what I think is best in the short term — e.g., making a new button, changing some styling — and what is best in the long term — e.g., writing more posts, SEO, studying. I hope I am able to make something you and I come to savor.