First Accomplishment

Yesterday, I was finally able to publish my first post. It is not technically complete, but it is enough for now. From now on, I need to develop a plan on how to productively publish posts. I am aiming for at least one post every week, but from what I’ve seen on another blogs, they truly need to be full of content and very complete as well.

As a matter of fact, I already have a good amount of ideas, but I know they will take some time until they become a real text. Therefore, I have doubts if I am really going to be able to make a post every week or something like that. On one hand, I know that quality beats quantity, but on the other hand, I don’t want to lose the writing streak.

I am totally new to this, but my guts tell me I could work within an organized system: posts I could write in a day, posts I could write every week, posts that would take longer. These small blog posts, for instance, should be written everyday (as if I had anything to say everyday). For things I already know and that are easy to explain, I could write about some of them every week. Finally, for some things that I still don’t know, I would have to thoroughly study them before writing anything.

By the way, this develops a constraint in what I want to do. It really feels like a job (not complaining, but almost). What I mean is that not everything I do or read or study is able to be a writing subject, unless I truly force myself into the blogger way of life. That meaning writing more and writing better.